An Introduction

Hi, I’m Cynthia Sleight and this is the website of Sleight Editing. As a freelancer, I hope that Sleight Editing serves people where they are, by helping them provide clear, readable, and accurate content for their readers. I hope to work as a team with writers, helping their text shine.

But who am I, and how did I get here? I am a young woman, just a few years out of college, and I have spent the last couple of years learning about editing, translation, and freelancing at large. I spent that time working with my mom, at Gaucha Translations. I got to see how the process works and learn where I could fit in it.

Before that, I studied at Seattle Pacific University. I got a BA in Linguistics and Cultural Studies, with a minor in Spanish (and I took a little over a year in Chemistry before I changed major). I was in the honors program and graduated cum laude. This education has provided me with a diverse range of knowledge and a solid grounding in good writing, which I believe helps me write and edit now.

Last, what is my education and experience in the field of editing? Although I am new, I have taken the ACES Editing Boot Camp and the ACES Digital Boot Camp. Although brief, they gave a good introduction to editing both print and online media. Beyond that, I intend to take the University of Washington Certificate in Editing next school year.

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